Class Registration v3.0 - Byron Community Education
Enrichment Classes for Preschoolers

Special events and classes designed for children from birth to the start of their kindergarten year.  

Adult Enrichment

Sports, arts, and other topics are all included in this program for adults.

Byron Preschool Programs

Year-long and semester classes for preschool-aged students to gain school readiness skills.  If you are interested in other preschool-aged classes, look at our ECFE classes!  

Early Childhood Family Education

Welcome to Early Childhood Family Education! All children from birth through pre-K and their families are eligible to attend. The program recognizes that family members are children's first and most significant teachers. ECFE has moved to the District Administration Community Services (DACS) Room # 103. Set aside time to play and learn in our new classroom with your children. You may enroll in a class at any time. Enrollment is always open even after a session has started. Call Lynne Drumm at (507) 775-2336 for a later registration date.

Enrichment Classes for K-12 Students

Programs for Elementary, Middle and High School Students


Musicals, plays, games, and other fun events that you can participate in.